Spa Experience : Choosing The Right Spa

Welcome to this post on choosing the right Spa, we would discuss how you could get the most out of your Spa experience by choosing the right Spa.

So you’ve decided to make an appointment with the Spa, I mean who doesn’t like a bit of relaxation after the weekly antics that come with hustling and bustling.

Picking out a Spa that gives value for money becomes the next hurdle; there are so many different places now to choose from.

Do some research on the Spa you’re willing to patronise, choosing the Spa with the right feel and all the facilities you wish to encounter and experience. Some of your searches should include if the Spa has an outdoor space, a swimming pool and discount for booking a number of treatments? So you also get some benefit out of it.

Choosing The Right Spa Experience

 spa experience : how to prepare for a spa visit


Choosing a Spa in the right location is very crucial in getting your Spa treatment done. Most Spas usually are located in towns and strategic places that are usually easily accessible for people to connect.

If you are visiting a city like Abuja, you will want to find reviews or identify a popular day Spa as an indication that its services and facilities are satisfactory to most clients.


Competition has driven prices down, which has made the day spa experience accessible to most social classes. Going to the spa is no longer just for the rich and elite, and today’s “budget-minded” consumers are looking for a little indulgence at an affordable price. This has forced many day spas to offer considerable discounts and deals, further forcing down prices. But you should be leery of very cheap offers.

Health & Hygiene:

Ask for a tour of the facility and find out about the different treatments on the menu. Be sure to examine the cleanliness and don’t be afraid to ask about their sanitation policies and practices. They should have their policies clearly posted, available for viewing on their website or at least be able to provide you with a copy if requested. It is sometimes hard to image a luxurious day spa that, on the surface looks so beautiful and serene, have bacteria and germs lurking in every corner. So it is always advisable to double check on the cleanliness of your desired day Spa.

Health Information:

Client information forms should be completed at your initial visit to a spa and updated at your regular appointments. Some medicines and health conditions may contradict with certain spa services, therefore it is important that practitioners review and be aware of your medical history prior to your selected services being performed. Based on your medical information, a qualified professional may suggest alternative treatments or even have to refuse certain treatments for your safety.

If you reside in Abuja, looking to get your health checked out; Our parent company Nisa Premier Hospital is more than capable of filling you with your health status.


As part of your spa experience should be meeting friendly staffs that make it appear as though they have been looking forward to meeting you and providing your services. Staff should introduce themselves, take your lead in the amount of conversation, and be respectful of confidentiality.

Products & Services:

It is of paramount importance that the therapists and aestheticians who practice at the spa be certified and qualified for the job. Professionally qualified staff will be able to identify skin and nail problems, identify any counter-indications, communicate this information to the customer without making a medical diagnosis, and advise the customer of how and if they will be proceeding with the services.

Qualified and knowledgeable staff is more likely to be friendly and unpretentious when suggesting treatment options, describing the benefits of the different treatments, and suggesting retail products for home use. They will also suggest specific treatments that can be added to your treatments to enhance your spa experience or provide an added benefit.

Preparing for the Spa

Once you’ve booked your appointment for the Spa, always make sure you stick to the appointment time. Most Spas provides their clients’ robes, slippers and sometimes refreshment – so you can bring along a swimming trunk if you want to go swimming after your Spa session, or maybe an extra brief/underwear to keep it super hygienic.

The Experience

The experience at the end of a Spa session is usually worthwhile; The Spa treatment experience is usually filled with various music and sounds to serenade the mind as well as different themes and temperatures too. It almost feels being reborn, as you feel geared up in achieving more of your set goals.

In conclusion, in choosing the right Spa to go to in Abuja, I recommend going to Nisa Wellness Retreat, not because of the Spa services they render, but because they also fit into the criteria listed above in choosing the right Spa experience for your wellness.

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